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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Job

Just a routine surgery
On a routine patient
All went well
Should be out in 3 days, BUT
Home not so good
Lovely lady
Not so lovely spouse
Surreptitious  arrangements made
Will get an extra 10 days
At rehab.


  1. Did you submit this to Dr. Charles? I hope so. :)

  2. Dr. Rosseau, i'm 14 years old and i'm interested in being, like you, a profecional neurosurgeon. i've done reaserch in this particular subject and i know that it is alot of work and dedication. i've talked to my parent's and they say they support me but i know that they may think is just a temporary infatuation with it. for me is much more but there is something on my mind... is it worth it?

  3. sorry... is it possible for you too answer me right here i don't have an e-mail...
    would appreciated... sincirly 14 year old girl:)

  4. to 14 year old-have a dream and reach for the stars!