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Friday, August 6, 2010

This Boy, A Memorial

This boy came into the world not fully closed
And his mother gave him to me
And I closed him

This boy came into the world with too much fluid
And his other entrusted him to me
And I drained him

Then the years passed and this boy grew
His mind expanded though his feet hung still
And together they were happy

As the years passed, I watched this boy
I marveled at his spirit and his family
And he made me smile

One day, this boy got dizzy and his head ached
He told his mother to come see me
And I knew he was sick

This boy came to my hospital
His mother gave him to me again
And I fixed his drain

The next day, this boy was happy
I saw his spirit return the ache disappear
And we all smiled

At home, this boy played and ate ice cream
He laughed and read books
Then he went to sleep and never woke up

To J, 
I hope you are running in heaven.  Tell the angels to send your mother, father and all your brothers and sisters strength-we all miss you.


  1. Beautiful and sad. I, too, hope J is running in heaven.

  2. thanks-one of the worst days in my entire neurosurgical career-so unexpected.