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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rage Against Golf

This is not a knock on Tiger Woods, nor a complaint about being an "orphan" to a husband addicted.  This is not even a rail against the environmental impact of creating and maintaining all those acres of pristine fairways and greens.  No this is frustration at the continual role that golf plays in the "business of medicine".  Each year I am confounded by the obligatory (or many) GOLF TOURNAMENT BENEFITS when many of my male colleagues take the day or afternoon off to drink, socialize, and hit a little white ball toward a small hole with a flag. This week I was further assaulted by a hospital trustee who will host about 15 males (mostly surgeons) at a very expensive/prestigious local golf course along with the requisite luncheon before and cokctails after.  Again, these partners will take much of the day "off" but it will count toward work.
Now I fully realize that many women also love the game of golf (though they are rarely fully included in the activities described) and that I am fully free to take an afternoon off if I choose BUT...it is not the same and we all know it.  Penciling in a Benefit Golf Game into one's schedule rings completely different than-taking 1/2 day off for R and R!!!
So here is my call to ACTION:
Would some hospital administrator, hospital Board Member or Trustee step forward and offer at least some equivalent non-traditional alternative the Boys on the Links???  Here are a few suggestions:
Spa for a Cause (half day full spa treatment in exchange for a defined contribution to the cause)
Art Day (some activity for profit, education or just fun that revolves around painting, photography, dance, music, etc.) 
Wellness Rewards (yoga, Tai Chi, massage, stress reduction, cooking instruction for fun or profit)
I know thee is someone out there listening...

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