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Monday, February 14, 2011

All my Lovin'

To all my family and dear friends,

While Hallmark and Hershey's have tried to drag Valentine's Day over the edge (I won't even mention Victoria's Secret), I still think of today as a day to smile and give thanks for all those I love.  Today, I send out special love to one dear friend in particular-Glenda, this is for you.

Forgive me, I should have called sooner
There is no excuse, no rational cause
You were on my mind, I sensed you in need
And I always tell others-now, do it now!

I wish you were nearer, I would be of more use
I would love to bring you soup
Rub your back, brush your hair
Or just sit by quietly at your side

There are no words I know I can say
You have paid your dues twice and again and again
You deserve better after all you have given others
Just know we are here, will do all we can

Be proud of all you have done and will do
One has grown tall and will make you so overjoyed
Another has stood by your side, with love you share
And countless who have gazed at your historical visions

For me, I can say you no better friend there is
From days long ago in the lab to right now
We have shared our hopes, fears and struggles
I am honored to call you dear friend.

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