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Friday, February 18, 2011

Age Before Beauty

There was shocking and disturbing news at the recent American Stroke Association conference-strokes rates have risen dramatically between 1994-5 and 2006-7 but only in the younger populations!  While there are many explanations for the data (51% rise in 15-34 year old males, for example) but certainly in part, this is related to the obesity crisis coming home to haunt.  Strokes are sad because:

  1. Even with early warning signs and advanced medical therapeutics, strokes remain devastating in terms of quality of life-they less often kill than maim
  2. Stroke rates can be dramatically impacted by lifestyle decisions-obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc.
This study should serve as the shot across the bow-we can no longer ignore the dangerous health trends in this country-a FAST FOOD NATION is doomed to egregious health outcomes, stroke being a prime example.  Each one of us has to commit to trying to live healthier lives and help others to do so as well,

I have long been an exercise enthusiast and have been proud of my locavore/healthy cooking style.  Nonetheless, like many 50-somethings, found my weight had crept to dangerous levels.  I have made further adjustments and am proud to say, have dropped 25 pounds over the last 6 months.  But then I decided to take an even greater step and try to turn my new awareness to greater purpose.  I have set a challenge in both of my offices related to sustainable weight loss.  I decided that as a physician I have to both walk the walk AND talk the talk.  I hope everyone will try and think of at least one thing you can do in your own life or for those you love to help reverse these dangerous trends.

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  1. Congratulations on your achievements. I really hope we will end the fast food trend. My own father-in law had stroke and after a year he still can't walk.