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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pearl Harbor Day

I watched Monday Night Football as usual
They reminded me it would be Pearl Harbor Day
They said to thank those of that generation

I walked into the ICU and there he was
A shadow of himself but just the right age
Unable to understand or relate his secrets

But then his brother came and told all
13 brothers, all served, all survived
And my patient-the most special of them all

Behing the German lines he served
Scouting out targets, the most dangerous of spies
Directing the bombs to arsenals and more

So I said thanks, to his brother first
And later I crept in quietly
Held his hand in mine.

He had given much for so many
I was happy that I could repay with my hands
In some small way.

And days later when the fog cleared
And he spoke again and walked
I smiled even more.

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