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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sad, So Sad

She was 78 with bones to thin I could see through them on xray
And a spine so crooked, she could challenge a pretzel
She had seen three world class surgeons who had said "No"
But here she was,hope in her eyes, asking for my help

She was 78 and in pain and her predicament so sad
Her problem was nature and the bad hand it had dealt
And no medicine nor surgery could outwit Mother Nature
So no one wanted to help, it just wasn't their job

She was 78 and her husband even older
No one wanted them to suffer but there was no easy answer
And together they refused to accept and so on they wandered
Wasting resources and time and getting less help than they should

She was 78 and in pain and the system conspired
So that she kept up her futility, remained in great pain
And once again, I shook my head and knew in my heart
She had failed the system and the system failed her.


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