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Friday, September 10, 2010

Days of Awe

Jews around the world are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the new year and next Friday, we will celebrate Yom Kippur (Day of Remembrance).  The time between is a deep time of reflection, sometimes referred to as "The Days of Awe".  As this time occurs in the fall, I often find myself walking trails with the leaves exhibiting their finest wardrobe and with the air redolent of harvest, apples, and drying leaves.  Taking a small amount of time for introspection-whether driven by traditional holidays or another motivation-can be a good thing.  Too often I find in our "modern world" we are swept along, so busy doing work, caring for family, paying bills, exercising and the like that we don't STOP, listen to ourselves and take the pulse of our loved ones.  Every year, I promise myself to make sure I do STOP from time to time, not just during the Days of Awe but on a more frequent basis.  And then another holiday season rolls around and I realize, I have reflected less than I hoped in the past year.  Certainly looking inward can be painful but I also know that it helps bring me peace and serenity.
For those who celebrate, I wish you Shana Tova.  For all the rest, I wish you your own path to a small share of peace and serenity.


  1. Is it okay for a non-Jew to wish you Shana Tova? Best to you.

  2. Of course-thanks for the holiday wishes!