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Monday, January 17, 2011

Patient Wisdom

Sometimes my patients utter wisdom that I feel blessed to share with others.  Here is a recent representation from just one day in the office:

  • As to my children, I don't worry about the first 10 years (of their lives), it is the second 10 I lose sleep over.
  • Parental wisdom comes in waves.  At first children think their parents the wisest humans in the world.  Then there comes a time when they know absolutely nothing.  This may last for 10 years or more.  Then the next generation arrives and suddenly the parents regain their rightful place as all knowing and wonderful.
  • You may have been taking care of these types of patients for years but I have been dealing with my mother for more than 40-I think I know her well.
  • If you ask the wrong question, you may get an answer you don't need nor want.
  • I realize there is a price to pay for everything.
  • I can only ask that you do your best and that you are honest.  No one is perfect.
Everyday, my patients share themselves with me.  I am eternally honored by their trust and the wisdom they share with me-it has enriched my life.

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