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Friday, April 16, 2010

Blogging for Fun

Have read a handful of posts lately apologizing for being "absent" from the blogosphere for one reason or another. Certainly there are individuals who blog for a living but otherwise I think our blogs should not bind us or add guilt to our lives (most of us already significantly juggle plenty of things to need that). It reminds me of all my friends and family who regularly swear they will start to keep a regular journal and start up very diligently (ofter just after January 1 or their birthday) only to see it fade away quickly because in the end, there were other things.
I have enjoyed my blog enormously and after a slow start did realize that making a commitment to regular entries was the only way to engender value and reward for me (and potentially my readers).  That strategy has worked well in providing both structure and limitation of guilt. But like the working mother who won't apologize to her children for working, I vow never to apologize for allowing other components of my life to take priority over blogging if that is necessary.
Hope you are all enjoying the remarkable spring that we are seeing here in New York (pictures to follow soon).


  1. Hey, are you talking about me? :) Love your blog!

  2. Glad you like my blog, i enjoy yours, too. Just trying to help all us working women not sweat what we can't control!