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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Passing

Gill Scott Heron

I learned early Saturday morning
And I wept
His music and words
Had touched my soul
Had lifted me up
Many late nights and
Early mornings

When much younger
I had a first date
And he sang to the room
But it seemed like he sang
Just to us
And we stayed on
For a second show

That date soon became
My lifelong mate
And still you would 
Croon and remind us
Of what was right
And how to live,
Think, and challenge

I am so thankful
You made such music
That I saw you
Not once or twice
But many times
And that I will always have
Your songs in my life

Your revolution is over
The world's will never be
But I hope you have
Found a little slice of
Peace and happiness
You so deserve
For all you have done for others.

Gil Scott Heron Dies May 27, 2911
(For more information see-Washington Post, NPR, CBS News, Chicago Tribune)